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31 Jul 2020

REME Offshore Sailing Update

The restrictions imposed on Offshore Sailing due to C19 are starting to lift. The REME Yachts (Seahorse and Craftsman) can now be chartered and we will soon start to deliver training on them. To that end we have decided to update the sailing programme for the remainder of the year:

  • Sep 4 - 6 Continuation Training Weekend (CTW). A weekend on the water specifically for those who cannot manage to muster a crew on their own;
  • Sep 14 - 18 RYA Comp Crew & Day Skipper (CC&DS) course. This will be conducted in company with the RYA Coastal course;
  • Sep 14 - 18 RYA Coastal course;
  • Oct 14 - 18 End of Season Rally - A last hurrah of the season with possibly a trip over the Channel or to the Jurassic Coast;
  • Oct 26 - 30 RYA CC&DS course.

If there is enough interest another CTW might be organised in early Oct.

Seahorse and Craftsman are available at other times for unit, team, department, Mess, family or other charters throughout the year.

If you have any questions or want help to organise some time on the water then please either get in touch with the Rear Commodore (Offshore).

19 Jul 2020

Offshore Sailing Weekend 4-6 Sep 20

The REME Sailing Club will be holding an offshore sailing weekend 4-6 Sep 20 using both Seahorse and Craftsman on the Solent. Crew are required of all levels, but must contain a Coastal Skipper and a Competent Crew. Due to C19 we are limiting the crews to two households per boat.

£50 pp exc food and mooring fees.

Please email rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com to volunteer or for more details.

11 Jul 2020

REME Offshore Sailing reopened

The conditions have finally been met for the yachts to be available for charter again. We can access Fort Blockhouse, have suitable PPE and sanitiser, have safe systems for handover and the Solent is starting to open up.

Therefore, we can start REME offshore sailing again, but there are a number of conditions and limitations to keep everyone safe:

  1. Under no circumstances should you to travel to Fort Blockhouse if you have been in contact with anyone showing any signs or symptoms of COVID 19, regardless of whether you are showing symptoms yourself or not. If you are showing symptoms then follow the government issued guidance. In the event of having to cancel a charter due to COVID 19, charter fees will not be lost;
  2. All charters will have a space of 72hrs between them;
  3. All yachts are to be immaculate on hand back;
  4. Only the skipper is to be present on hand over; both the skipper and bosun are to wear face coverings;
  5. Skippers must have a realistic cruising plan (many marinas are insisting on advanced bookings and anchorages may get busy).

We will not be running military sailing nor courses until further notice but hope to run some continuation training soon.

Please email rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com for further details.

7 Jul 2020

REME Sailing Club Annual General Meeting

The REME Sailing Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Zoom on Wed 15 Jul 2020 from 18:00 to 19:30.

Please email Chris Haugvik or Fergus Sullivan for the meeting details.

14 May 2020

REME Sailing Club (Offshore) COVID-19 Update as at 14 May 2020

Following the PMs' announcement on Sun 10 May 20 and due to the on-going COVID-19 restrictions, it is unfortunate that the REME Offshore sailing activities and charters planned up until 15 Jun 20 must be cancelled. The Offshore Bookings Secretary will contact charterers as required.

Any resumption of REME Offshore Sailing (charters and training) will only occur once the following conditions are met and the situation has been reviewed in the relevant context:

  • Fort Blockhouse and the AOSC must both reopen;
  • A safe system must be in place to conduct boat HOTOs;
  • Any PPE required must be available to conduct a safe HOTO and the required safety briefings;
  • The boats must be able to be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and left for at least 72 hours prior to reuse;
  • Marinas in The Solent area must reopen or a daily return to the home berth must be possible.

If these conditions are met then it is likely that only "single households" will be allowed to charter the yachts until restrictions are eased further. The composition of the "single household" will be the responsibility of the skipper and MUST still conform to the minimum manning and qualifications to charter and operate the yachts safely.

Until further notice we will not be running any courses or continuation training weekends. Rear Commodore (Offshore) will plan and publish new dates for courses and continuation training on the Facebook pages and on the website if restrictions are eased to a level where safe training is possible.

Any questions or comments should be emailed to rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com.

16 Mar 2020

REME Offshore activities suspended

The Club regret that due to the Covid 19 outbreak and the latest Government direction all REME Offshore activities are postponed until at least 26 Apr 2020. This period may be extended as required.

8 Jan 2020

REME Offshore Sailing 2019

In a busy 2019, offshore sailing within the REME has gone from strength to strength. The Corps two Hallberg Rasseys (Craftsman and Seahorse) have each logged over 8000 miles on expeditions and whilst being used to train serving and retired military personnel and their dependants.

In June, both Craftsman and Seahorse, along with other yachts from the Army Sailing Association participated in the commemorations to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings. Sailing as a small flotilla, the trip from Gosport to Normandy was quite rough and excellent training for novice skippers (under the supervision of very experienced and qualified mates). Once the fleet reached Northern France, the weather really improved and the crew were able to disembark and visit the various battlegrounds, cemeteries, memorials and participate in acts of remembrance.

During the summer holidays 20 novices were trained as Royal Yachting Association Competent Crews and Day Skippers. They were trained by three REME instructors (Brad Delaney, Will Naylor and Fergus Sullivan) and an instructor borrowed from the Infantry (Alex Hutton). Although this training was run by the REME Sailing Club it was conducted under the auspices of the Army Sailing Association. It is not just novices that have been trained; some club members, including Lt Cols Adrian Norton and Mike Tizzard have progressed further up the RYA scheme to become qualified as Coastal Skippers.

The boats were chartered in September by the REME Arms School and 1 Regt AAC LAD to conduct sail training. Everyday throughout the course the wind was blowing Force 7 or above (+28 kts). Despite the blowy, choppy and challenging conditions everybody passed the course and vowed to get back on the water again (one novice enjoyed it so much that he bought himself a yacht and is currently sailing it from the Isle of Wight to Essex). At the end of the season a "try-sail" was organised for newly commissioned REME Young Officers; hopefully they will join their new units and encourage their soldiers and colleagues to go sailing.

Training weekends have been held throughout the year for Club members. These events are advertised on Facebook. and then the crew put together. They have included mile building weekends and skill development weekends.

Throughout the year the REME Boatswain (Brad Delaney) has done an awesome job not only teaching people to sail but also managing and maintaining the boats. Craftsman and Seahorse have been involved in the occasional bang, scrape or knock; luckily nobody has been hurt. Brad�s hard work, dedication and expertise has ensured that the boats have not been repaired quickly. He has also conducted remedial training for those skippers who have unfortunately come unstuck.

The programme for 2020 looks just as busy. It will include a "try-sail" for AT/ sailing representatives and potential officers, the Army Offshore Regatta, weekend continuation training, an expedition to France, courses for serving personnel and courses for dependants (12+ but U18 must be accompanied by an adult). If you have a specific sailing requirement or would like to know more about offshore sailing, please email rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com for more details.

8 Jan 2020

REME Sailing Club Offshore Programme 2020

The REME Sailing Club Offshore programme for 2020 is:






2 May 20

3 May 20

Continuation Trg

Craftsman and Seahorse.

Coastal and CC per boat.

REME SC weekend for club members.

11 May 20

15 May 20


Craftsman and Seahorse.

Racing Crew (TBC)

2 x CI

Likely to be:
1 x racing crew on JSASTC boat
2 x CC/DS as cruise in company

23 May 20

28 May 20


Craftsman and Seahorse

2 x CI

Open to REME/ ASA dependants. U18s welcome but to be accompanied by parent.

6 Jun 20

7 Jun 20

Continuation Trg

Craftsman and Seahorse.

Coastal and CC per boat.

REME SC weekend for club members.

4 Jul 20

5 Jul 20

Continuation Trg

Craftsman and Seahorse.

Coastal and CC per boat.

REME SC weekend for club members.

20 Jul 20

24 Jul 20

REME Pot Officer CC/DS

Craftsman and Seahorse.

2 x CI

Charter to the REME Recruiting Team

25 Jul 20

29 Jul 20


Craftsman and Seahorse

2 x CI

Open to REME/ ASA dependants. U18s welcome but to be accompanied by parent.

20 Aug 20

23 Aug 20

Continuation Trg - Bournemouth AS

Craftsman and Seahorse.

Coastal and CC per boat.

REME SC weekend for clubmembers.

5 Sep 20

6 Sep 20

Continuation Trg

Craftsman and Seahorse

REME SC weekend for club members.

14 Sep 20

18 Sep 20

STW 2 (RYA Trg)

Craftsman and Seahorse

2 x CI

Serving mil only.

21 Sep 20

25 Sep 20

STW 3 (milebuilder)

Craftsman and Seahorse.

Coastal and CC per boat.

Serving mil only.

15 Oct 20

18 Oct 20

End of Season Rally

Craftsman and Seahorse (and others if poss).

Coastal and CC per boat.

REME SC weekend and social.

26 Jul 2019

Coastal Skipper, Day Skipper and Comp Crew Course 16-21 Sep 19

The REME Sailing Club will be running Coastal Skipper, Day Skipper (Practical) and Competent Crew training from 16 - 21 Sep 19. It will use the Corps' two Halberg Rassy 342 yachts and start in Gosport and finish in Plymouth.

This is open to serving and retired members of the Corps, ASA members and their families and costs �180pp excl food and fuel. Space are also available for mile building but training takes priority.

Participants will have to make their own travel arrangements.

Email rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com for more details.

19 Jun 2019

Place on RYA Coastal Skipper Course

The REME Sailing Club have a place on a RYA Coastal Course 24th - 28th June. The course will run from Gosport and is open to all serving and retired members of the Corps. RYA Coastal Skipper qualification is now required to skipper the Corps yachts and is open to RYA Day Skippers wishing to further their experience. Please contact the Corps Offshore Boatswain for more details.

3 May 2018

Offshore Racing � Crew Wanted for British Soldier

British Soldier, the Army�s X41 racing yacht, has a busy season ahead and there are still places remaining on some races, for any serving personnel with some sailing experience. If you are interested, all we ask is that you have had some sailing experience (no formal quals required, nor any specific racing experience). It�s a simple case of emailing the Team Captain, Dave Murphy, who will then try to get you on the boat � not too tricky, as we tend to have spaces here and there. The boat is racing from now throughout the summer so there are plenty of opportunities still. In particular, we are in need of soldiers to crew the Round Britain and Ireland race in Aug 2018.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact Phil Caswell (a British Soldier skipper).

24 Apr 2018

RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses

The REME Sailing Club will be running RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses during the summer for eligible people and their dependants. Both courses will commence and finish in Gosport and will use the Corps Hallberg-Rassey 342s.

Dates are:

  • 28 Jul - 1 Aug 18
  • 30 Jul - 3 Aug 18

For further information please contact the Rear Commodore Offshore.

15 Apr 2018

Wanted: Mate with RYA first aid qual (30 Apr - 4 May 18)

A Comp Crew or above with a RYA first aid certificate is needed for a boat participating in Ex WESSEX EXPRESS. This expedition will be a cruise in company, starting and finishing in Gosport and aimed at developing Day Skippers and allow them to sail as far as Weymouth. Service personnel only. For further information please contact Fergus Sullivan.

8 Jan 2018

REME Dependents Sail Training Week (Sun 20 May 18 - Fri 25 May 18)

RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper training for dependents and non-serving members of the REME Sailing Club. This event may roll into REME Cruise in Company 1/18.

Further information from rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com.

8 Jan 2018

REME Cruise in Company 1/18 (Fri 25 May � Mon 28 May 18)

The REME Yacht Club will organise a Cruise in Company for members and their dependents in and around the Solent.

For more information please email rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com.

8 Jan 2018

REME Sail Training Week 1/18 (Ex WEST EXPRESS) - (Mon 30 Apr - Fri 4 May 18)

This exercise aims to provide suitably experienced Day Skippers the opportunity to sail outside their normal sailing area, this could be to Chichester and Poole, potentially to Weymouth if conditions allow. REME Sailing Club has bid for boats on this exercise.

Units and individuals to bid for places through rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com.

26 Nov 2017

RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper Course (4 - 8 Dec 17)

Spaces are available on a RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper Course which will be run 4th to 8th Dec 17. The course, which is being run by the Army Sailing Association is free and open to all serving Regular and Reserve personnel.

For more information RYA Day Skipper and Competent Crew Courses please email hockeysailing@ascb.uk.com for more details.

9 Nov 2017

RYA Day Skipper and Competent Crew Courses 28 Nov - 1 Dec 18 and 4 - 8 Dec 18.

The ASA will be running free Day Skipper and Competent Crew courses from Fort Blockhouse, Gosport for Regular and Reserve members of the Army. For more information RYA Day Skipper and Competent Crew Courses please email rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com for more details.

10 Aug 2017

REME Sail Training Exercise (18 - 22 & 25 - 29 Sep 17)

The REME Sailing Club will be conducting an offshore sail training exercise in Sep. Week 1 (18 � 22 Sep 17) will be Comp Crew training and week 2 (25 � 29 Sep 17) will be mile building and experience. Places are available for both weeks. This is open to all serving personnel (including non- REME). Please email rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com for more details.

10 Aug 2017

Army Sailing Association Cruise in Company to Cherbourg (25 - 28 Aug 17 - Bank Holiday Weekend)

The Army Sailing Association will be conducting a Cruise in Company from the Solent to Cherbourg over the August Bank Holiday Weekend (25 � 28 Aug 17) and the REME will be sending its two boats (Seahorse and Craftsman) to join in. Places are still available and is open to serving, retired REME personnel and their families. Please email rearcommodore.offshore@remesailingclub.com for more details.

7 Aug 2017

New Rear Commodore (Offshore)

Maj Fergus Sullivan has taken over as Rear Commodore (Offshore) from Maj Steve Taylor. Updated contact details can be found here.

20 Jul 2017

Offshore week in Solent 11 to 15 Sep 17

An opportunity has arisen to assist the Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas in delivering a week of sail training on the Solent aboard a Vic 34. They are taking two boats out over 11 - 15 September 17 but one of the skippers has pulled out. Day Skipper or above required to introduce several novices to offshore sailing. Excellent opportunity for newly qualified Day Skipper to consolidate their training.

For further details or to register interest please contact Maj Tony Adams on tony697adams@uwclub.net.

9 Jun 2017

Ex PACIFIC LONGBOW - Offshore Sailing Expedition

Capts Phil Caswell and Alex Thompson are attempting to put together a crew for the REME leg of Ex PACIFIC LONGBOW but are struggling to find serving (Reg and Res) YMOs. If you are qualified and available and would like more information please email by clicking here.

Basic details:

  • 19 Oct - 19 Nov 17
  • Leg 2 of Ex PACIFIC LONGBOW, Lanzarote - Caribbean
  • On board a Joint Service Challenge 72 yacht, crew of 15
  • £480 cost but target cost (after grants) is around £300
  • It is a REME 75 event and Leg 2 is an all REME crew.

19 May 2017

Dinghy Courses


The REME Sailing Club are running a RYA Level 2 dinghy sailing course at the new Corps dinghy sailing centre at South Cerney Sailing Club (just north of Swindon) during the week of 12-16 Jun 17. This course is aimed at beginners so there is no requirement to have ever sailed before, just an interest in learning to do so. The course is RYA approved and certificated and by the end of the week participants will be capable of sailing on their own. There will be a small charge (no more than �20) to cover the cost of log books, certificates and safety cover. Any interested persons should contact dinghy.secretary@remesailingclub.com.


The REME Sailing Club are providing an opportunity for REME dependants to learn or develop their skills at dinghy sailing. No prior experience is required but there is a minimum age of 8 years old. The course will be held at South Cerney Sailing Club (SCSC) near Swindon, the new home of REME watersports with an excellent sized lake and clubhouse with galley and showers. Camping on site is permitted for those who wish to.

Costs: £75 per person plus membership of the REME Sailing Club (from £15). This cost covers course books and fuel for the safety boat.

For more information and to book a place, please contact: Lt Col Adrian Norton or call 94393 6554.

24 Mar 2017

Ex PACIFIC LONGBOW - Offshore Sailing Expedition

Ex PACIFIC LONBOW is a year long sailing expedition that will take a Challenge 72ft sail training craft from the UK to Hawaii and back in 12 legs of 3 or 4 weeks each. This is an excellent opportunity to either learn to sail (novices are strongly encouraged) or to conduct some challenging continuation training. Please see 2017DIN07-048 for more details.

Soldiers and Officers are encouraged to apply for any leg, however the REME has been allocated Leg 2 from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. In order to run this event, the REME Sailing Club is now looking for an Offr, WO or SNCO to coordinate activities for our leg.

Applicants to sail (any leg) should follow the details in the DIN. Personnel who wish to volunteer to coordinate the leg on behalf of the REME are requested to email desspcfp-ilsm1@mod.uk.

24 Mar 2017

Ex SOLENT VENTURE - Army Sailing Association Regatta 8 - 12 May 17

The REME Sailing Club will participate in Ex SOLENT VENTURE (8-12 May 17). The aim of this exercise is to develop crew and skippers sailing skills, mile and experience building towards their next RYA qualification and to help promote offshore sailing to the novice participants. Participants of this event may also be considered as suitable nominations for selection to the Services Offshore Regatta.

The exercise programme will remain adaptable to the short term weather, but is provisionally expected to be a series of inshore and offshore races on the Solent and adjacent waters in the English Channel.

Serving REME personnel are required to crew the REME entry and interested personnel are invited to get in touch with Maj Fergus Sullivan for more details. No previous experience is required. Any personnel participating in the event will require permission from their chain of command.

12 Jul 2016

Ex HIGHLAND EXPRESS Leg 10 - 18 to 26 Jul 16

Two spaces exist on the subject exercise being run by SSgt Aide Waters for RAF Wyton. From his original notice on Orders:

Ex HIGHLAND EXPRESS is an Adventurous Sail Training Expedition from Oban on the West Coast of Scotland, one of the best sailing areas the UK has to offer! RAF Wyton has the exclusive use of the yacht Redcoat from 18 - 26 Jul and up to 6 places are available for a week of sailing amongst the breath-taking landscapes and world renowned distilleries of the Hebrides. Personal contributions are TBC but will not exceed �50 for the week. No experience is required, subject to Line Managers approval volunteers should contact SSgt Waters on Mil: 95371 5604, Civ: (0)1480 52451 x 5604 or e-mail JFIGDGIFC-GeoSSgt@mod.uk.

Volunteers will need to get to RAF Wyton for 0830 hrs on Monday, 18 Jul 16, to catch transport (or work out a pick up further up country) or meet the crew in Oban on the morning of the 19th.

Interested individuals should contact Staff Waters direct.

6 Jun 2016

REME Festival of Sport - 22-23 Jun 16

The Dinghy Secretary is looking for some dinghy sailors to help out with sailing taster sessions at the REME Festival of Sport on Wed 22 and Thu 23 Jun 16. Personnel would need to hold RYA level 2 and be comfortable sailing a Laser 2000 or Stratos with a couple of novice crew/passengers but some refresher training can be arranged for anyone who is a bit rusty. These sessions will take place at South Cerney Sailing Club (SCSC) with transport from Lyneham and the Dinghy Secretary can help with accommodation and/or write to your chain of command if necessary.

Even if you could only help one of the days that would be great and if you are attending the Festival of Sport already in another capacity but could spare a few hours to help with sailing that would be greatly appreciated.

If you can help or would like more info please contact Capt Paul Isitt on 94674 8703 or by email.

20 Apr 2016

Manning Request for East Mids UOTC Exercise

East Midlands University Officer Training Corps are in need of 1x Yachtmaster Coastal & 1x Competent Crew. The Exped will run from 12th August - 28th August 2016 with 2x Vic 34s out of JSASTC, with one week Comp Crew training in the Solent and one week doing YM(O) qualifying passages to and from Dartmouth, subject to conditions.

Please contact OCdt Callum Mitchell for more details.

1 Apr 2016

Manning Request for EX TRANSGLOBE Leg 9

The RN/RAF boat is in need of a YMO for Leg 9, which is 3800 nautical miles from Montevideo to Grenada via Salvador and Amazonia. The Leg covers 5 weeks from 17 April - 22 May at a cost of £500 to the individual. This position is now open for applications from Army personnel.

Please contact Lt Cdr George Adams JSASTC Assistant Transglobe Project Officer.

1 Apr 2016

British Kiel Yacht Club require crew for delivery Kiel - Gosport

British Kiel Yacht Club are looking for a crew to bring Osprey, a 42' Confortina, back to the UK from Kiel. The trip is expected to take place around July this year and support in the form of a JSATFA and flights can be provided.

This is a great opportunity to sail a very well equipped yacht around the north coast of Germany and Belgium, before entering the English Channel and on to JSASTC.

If anyone is interested in providing support to this exercise, please contact Baz Ennels, Training Principal at BKYC.

1 Apr 2016

Yachtmaster Offshore for deliveries Gosport - Scotland - Gosport

Re-advertised Household Division Sailing Association are looking for a Yachtmaster Offshore to take Gladeye up to Scotland and bring her back, it can be the same person or two different individuals for the delivery and return legs.

Delivery: 9th - 20th May Gosport to Oban

Return: 24th May - 4th June Troon to Gosport

The trip is AT so admin instructions/JSATFA will all be produced etc, there is also no cost to the skipper(s).

Further information available from LCpl Duane Stevens by email to hdsa.gladeye@gmail.com.

1 Apr 2016


3 x Day skippers and 3 x Competent crew required urgently.

ARRC SP BN has provisionally reserved 3 sailing boats in Kiel to conduct a T3 AT exped from 27 Jul 16 � 02 Aug 16. However, in order for this AT to go ahead, the Bn must provide 3 x DS and 3 x CC, as a minimum. If anyone holds the aforementioned qualifications, please contact Lieutenant Jade Bolton, ASAP but NLT 11 Apr 16.

This will be at no cost to the instructors/crew.

1 Apr 2016

Three Peaks Yacht Race

Please click here for an invitation to Military entrants to this years' Three Peaks Yacht Race.

This years' race will be the subject of two separate television documentaries; one of which will be broadcast on Channel 4, and UK Satellite channels worldwide through Dream Team Television International.

Please note that the Corps yachts are not available for this event.

15 Mar 2016

Inter Services Dinghy Racing

FAO accomplished REME dinghy racers,

Inter-Services team racing event over 13-15 Apr 16 at Farmoor Reservoir. Team selection/training on 31 Mar or 1 Apr dependent on availability.

For further information or to register interest please contact Captain Muz Watson by emailhere.

Returns are required by 25 Mar 16.

3 Mar 2016

Southwest Three Peaks Race 2016

Calling Sailors, Cyclists and Runners (not necessarily the same person),

Information on the Southwest Three Peaks Race 2016 can be found at this link.

The event takes place over the weekend commencing 17 Jun 16 and lasts as long as it takes your team to cover the course consisting of:

Sail 125 miles, cycle 140 miles, run 29 miles.

They had entries from HMS Raleigh and 42 Commando last year and plan to introduce a trophy/cup for military teams this year if they get enough interest.

More information on their website or contact Amelia Whitaker.

11 Feb 2016

Yachtmaster Offshore for deliveries Gosport - Scotland - Gosport

Household Division Sailing Association are looking for a Yachtmaster Offshore to take Gladeye up to Scotland and bring her back, it can be the same person or two different individuals for the delivery and return legs.

Delivery: 9th - 20th May Gosport to Oban

Return: 24th May - 4th June Troon to Gosport

The trip is AT so admin instructions/JSATFA will all be produced etc, there is also no cost to the skipper(s).

Further information available from LCpl Duane Stevens by email to hdsa.gladeye@gmail.com.

1 Feb 2016

Exercise Highland Express Leg 3 - Skipper wanted

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards based in Leuchars Scotland have been allocated leg 3 of Ex HIGHLAND EXPRESS Tue 31 May - Tue 07 Jun, but the qualified Skipper in the Regiment has been committed to another Regimental commitment.

Any Yachtmaster or Coastal Skipper who would be available to skipper this leg is requested to contact Chris Sumner (NAVY PERS-JSASTC SKIPPER3 (Sumner, Christopher C2)) on Mil: 9380 65239, Civ: 02392 765239.

1 Dec 2015

Instructors required for multi-activity AT package in Gibraltar

Army Training Unit (North East), which delivers Phase 1 and Phase 3 training to Army Reservists is trying to organise a are planning a multi-activity AT exped based in Gibraltar.

In order to achieve this the Unit are looking to fill the following billets:

  • Kayaking Instructor Level 3 (sea)
  • Offshore Sailing 1 x Coastal Skipper & 1 x Comp Crew
  • Dinghy Sailing Instructor

The proposed dates of this AT activity are 30 Apr - 08 May 16.

Volunteers should register their interest with Capt Jo Brooks on Mil: 94772 2542, Civ: 01904 442542.

18 Nov 2015

Exercise Baltic Seahorse Crew Wanted

REME Sailing Club takes delivery of its new Hallberg-Rassy 342, Seahorse Vll, on 5 Apr 16 in Elos, Sweden. Crew are needed to undertake the delivery trip from Elos to Gosport via Dover.

The Exercise will run 4 - 17 Apr 16. A Coastal Skipper, 2 Day Skippers and 2 Competent Crew are required. Volunteers should register their interest with Maj Steve Taylor or Sgt Brad Delaney.

12 Oct 2015

Ex HIGHLAND EXPRESS 2016 Deployment of HMSTC Redcoat to West Coast of Scotland

The West Coast of Scotland is a fantastic place to sail and extremely popular during the Summer months and I know of several units in 2015 that have charted civilian yachts with a typical cost for a 7 day charter of £2,000 which is a big ask from AT funding and personal contributions.

HMSTC REDCOAT is coded for 8 crew and is ideal for this type of exercise and it only costs £50.00 for the week plus a £150.00 refundable deposit.

A typical week charter would allow a circumnavigation of the Isle of Mull or to sail to the Island of Skye or out to the Outer HebrIdes, there are endless possibilities.

Outline of Ex HIGLAND EXPRESS 2016:

  1. The yacht will be based in Dunstaffnage marina near Oban.
  2. The yacht is available for a 1 week charter (Tuesday to Tuesday).
  3. The skipper needs to be a Yachtmaster Offshore or Yachtmaster Coastal with a minimum of a Day Skipper Mate.
  4. There will be a requirement to pay a £150.00 refundable deposit (equates to 1 weeks mooring if unit cancels at last minute) and £50.00 for the charter. Both payable with application.
  5. The unit chartering the yacht will be responsible for the cost of fuel,CILOR and gas.
  6. The exercise is open to individuals at a cost of £80.00 and I will group individuals together to form crews or they will be allocated places on the JSASTC mile builder legs.

Click here for the DIN (only available within the MOD firewall) or here for the DIN in PDF format.

Please note that Chris Sumner (Project Officer) is skippering the Army yacht on Ex TRANSGLOBE and will not be back until January when he will allocate legs so please get applications and cheques in the post ASAP.

3 Oct 2015

Ex Transglobe Leg 4 - Cape Town to Perth

You may be aware of Exercise TRANSGLOBE 15/16, a tri-Service sailing expedition circumnavigating the globe. Leg 4 (Cape Town, SA to Perth, Aus over 17 Oct 15 to 28 Nov 15) is short of a Yachtmaster Offshore as mate and Yachtmaster Coastal as watch leader (watch leader quals may be negotiable for significantly experienced individual). Without these vital crew members the exercise grinds to a halt.

Interested individuals should contact Project Officer Mike Barham on Mil: 9380 65316 or Civ: 02392 765316 or email him on the link here. There is likely to be significant financial support and if you are worried about requesting the time from your boss perhaps Mike can assist with that too.

9 Sep 2015


Ex TRANSGLOBE is a major Joint Services sailing expedition planned from Jul 15 to Aug 16 involving two Challenge 67 foot yachts, one of which has been allocated to the Army and the second of which will be shared between the RN and RAF. The DIN and ABN provide all the information on dates, qualification requirement, funding etc.

The exercise started successfully on Saturday 25 Jul with the renaming of the two yachts and after a rough passage across the Bay of Biscay they completed Leg 1 without incident in Lanzarote. The yachts have now crossed the equator and are sailing down the coast of South America to Rio on Leg 2.

Manning to date has gone well and the Army have filled the first 3 legs (indeed we have put Army personnel on the RN/RAF yacht to fill gaps) but there are gaps on Leg 4 - Cape Town to Perth over the period 17 Oct - 28 Nov 2015 and the Project Officer, Lt Col Frank Cannon is now on the hunt for crew to ensure we fill this leg.

We now need a Yachtmaster Offshore to act as Mate, two Coastal Skippers to act as Watch Leaders and one other who can be anything from a novice upwards. There may be some scope to accept suitably experienced Day Skipper to be the Watch Leaders. The current cost is £645 but there may be some options to assist with this.

This is an excellent opportunity for an individual to take part in a first class deep water sailing expedition - I am sure that it will be a life changing experience (for the better!) and units will get a better soldier back as a result. Anyone who is interested should contact Lt Col Frank Cannon and send an application form to JSASTC ASAP.

15 Aug 2015

Opportunities on RLC Yacht "Spirit of St. George"

The Royal Logistics Corps yacht Spirit of St George will be based in the Algarve for a 25 week chartering period from April through to September 2016. Charters will run from Wednesday to Wednesday for a 7 day period at a chart cost of �800.00. All travel costs including flights and mooring fees are to be covered by those chartering the yacht.

For more details including bookings, contact the project officer SSgt Stu Southwick .

When making a booking a non-refundable deposit of £250.00 is to be made to secure the charter. The booking will remain provisionally booked for a maximum of 2 weeks until the deposit is received. If a deposit has not been received by this time, the charter will become available again.

The Association must receive a minimum of 15 confirmed bookings to make the exercise financially viable. At the end of Feb 16, the decision will be made to proceed with the exercise or not. If the exercise does not go ahead, all deposits will be refunded.

To see up to date available bookings check out the website.

20 Jul 2015

REME SC AGM - 22 Jul 15

The AGM advertised for Wednesday, 22 Jul 15, is going ahead as planned. Please click here for the Agenda. If you have any points or proposals please pass them direct to the Secretary, Capt Chris Haugvik by email.

20 Jul 2015

Sailing Opportunity - Ex BALTIC EXPRESS

Serving (Reg/Res) Sailors,

Spaces are available on Ex BALTIC EXPRESS Leg 8, Sun 16 - Sun 30 August 2015.

The leg is from Kiel returning the yacht, HMSTC CHASER a Nicholson 55, to JSASTC Gosport via ports listed below. Great opportunity for mile building and experience or introducing novices.

There will be RYA Competent crew training on route and those novices will gain their RYA Comp Crew qualification.

Time will be allocated to sightseeing in Amsterdam on route.

Ports to be visited:

  • Kiel
  • Transit of Kiel Canal
  • Cuxhaven Germany
  • Den Helder Holland
  • Ijmudien/Amsterdam Holland
  • Zeebrugge Belguim
  • Dunkirk
  • Brighton or French ports depending on route back to Gosport

RYA Logbook mileage

It's about 600 miles and you will achieve around 15 night hours.


We require at least 2 RYA Competent Crew/Day Skippers or above to act as Watchleaders.

Cash in Lieu of Rations (CILOR)

You will need to bring your own individual Cash In Lieu of Rations (CILOR) and details of cost etc will be sent with joining instructions.


You need a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining.


The cost is £100.00 per person this includes flights, travel and mooring fees but excludes personal expenditure (It�s a real bargain).


For further information contact the Project Officer, Chris Sumner email jsastc_sumnerc@a.dii.mod.uk.

14 Jul 2015

Ex Transglobe 15/16 - Gosport to Lanzarote

Another great opportunity for VFM sailing for Regular and Reserve members, especially if you are yet to decide on a summer holiday.

Ex TRANSGLOBE 15/16 begins with Leg 1, Gosport to Lanzarote, over 25 Jul 15 to 15 Aug 15. The RN/RAF boat (newly acquired Challenge 72�) is three crew short of the minimum and they are desperate for help. That means maximum financial support for anyone willing to help out.

Quote from OIC JSASTC regarding spaces:

1x 2nd Mate (minimum qualification required is Yachtmaster Coastal) - given the nature of this Leg I may consider accepting an experienced Day Skipper who is ready to qualify as a Yachtmaster Coastal and has previously been a Watch Leader on a JSASTC CH67.

1 x Watch Leader (minimum qualification RYA Day Skipper)

1 x Crew (no qualifications required)

Very happy to take soldiers to fill any vacant place on Leg 1 in the RN/RAF yacht F.O.C inc CILOR.

If you, or your troops, can rescue the exercise the RN and RAF will forever be in your debt. Get in touch with the Army lead, Lt Col Cannonor calling civ 02892 63755 or mil 9491 63755.

Further details of Ex Transglobe can be found on the JSASTC website.

11 Jul 2015

Day Skipper or higher for offshore exercise in Scotland

Trojan Squadron of the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme based in Newcastle Upon Tyne are looking for a Day Skipper or higher to sail as Mate on Leg 1 (01 - 08 Aug ) of a four week Exercise out of Largs Yacht Haven. For more information please contact Lt Ian Hodgkiss.

1 Jul 2015

REME Sailing Club AGM and Sailing Afternoon

REME Sailing Club AGM and Sailing Afternoon will take place in the afternoon of 22 Jul 15 at AISTC(S), Thorney Island, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 8DS.

Timings: Arrive by 1300

AGM 13:00 - 14:30 (AGM Itinerary to follow)

Rig Boats/Boards 14:30-15:00

Sail away 15:00-17:00

BBQ 17:00

Depart AISTC(S) approx 18:00

POC is Capt Chris Haugvik on (mil) (9)4329 4081.

Email: JHC-OpsSp-Avail Uty-O3 or chris.haugvik142@mod.uk

All RSC Members Welcome - All attendees please let Chris know if you wish to attend in order to pre-load the BBQ.

14 Jun 2015

Sailing Opportunities

Ex Gallipoli 15 - 5 to 19 Jul 15

Exercise Gallipoli is nearing completion but we are short serving (Reg or Res) crew and afterguard on Leg 10 from La Coruna in Spain to Gosport from 5-19 Jul 15.

Cost is £135 per person. This should be an excellent sailing leg across the Bay of Biscay.

We are looking for the following:

  • 1 x Nic 55 Skipper
  • 1 x YM Offshore Mate
  • 1 x Day Skipper watch leader
  • 2 x crew (no experience required)

If interested please contact Maj Will Naylor.

71 Signal Regiment Weekend Sail - 24 to 26 Jul 15

Serving (Reg/Res) Skippers required.

71 Signal Regiment are looking for 2 x Skippers for an AT weekend for about 18 soldiers to go sailing from Gosport on the 24-26 Jul 15. Three yachts booked but only one skipper so far. Would like 1 x Coastal Skipper and 1 x Day Skipper.

If interested please contact Capt Tim Roberts.

28 May 2015

Skippers Wanted - Day Skipper or higher, Yachtmaster Offshore

Serving (Reg/Res) Skippers required.

Two opportunities to assist in REME sailing activities:

7 to 14 Jun 15 � Day Skipper or higher required as Watch Leader for a 3 Bn REME exped on a Challenge 67 out of Gosport.

4 to 16 Jul 15 � Yachtmaster Offshore required to skipper British Soldier from Fort William back to Gosport with a REME crew.

If interested please contact Capt Phil Caswell, tel (Mil) 94879 3904 (Civ) 0049 (0)5251 101 904.

6 May 2015

REME Germany STW 23-30 May 15

This year the REME (G) STW has been downgraded due to lack of support and qualified skippers. The event will simply be a week of sailing in the Baltic. Places are still available for all experience levels although a Day Skipper, or higher, is required to ensure the exercise can go ahead in its current format.

Dates : 23 to 30 May 15

Location : British Kiel Yacht Club, Kiel, Germany

Cost : approximately �80 per person

More information can be sought from OIC Ex, SSgt Emmet Watson, who can coordinate transport to / from airports and temporary accommodation for individuals based outside of Germany.

5 May 2015

Halberg Rassey 34 "Seahorse VI" for sale

The REME Yacht "Seahorse VI", Halberg Rassey 34, is for sale. Asking price is £100,000 but may be negotiable. Yacht Specification and details are available from the Boatswain.

25 Mar 2015

Regular or Reserve YMC or higher required for UOTC South Coast Summer Sailing

East Midlands UOTC require a YMC or higher to help them get outside of the Solent on a summer exped over 17 Jul 15 to 2 Aug 15.

They have 2 x Vic 34s from JSASTC, Gosport. The crew currently consists of 2 x Day Skippers, 2 x Comp Crew and a load of novices. They would like to venture down to the West Country or even across to France and the Channel Islands if they can find a couple of suitably qualified skippers.

EMUOTC are picking up the bill for berthing fees and rations so costs to the individual are minimal.

If you are interested please email the organiser Charlotte Harris (lottie.harris@sky.com) for more information.

23 Mar 2015

Army Offshore Regatta 11 - 15 May 15

Your Corps Sailing Club needs you.

The REME SC is entering 1 Victoria 34 (possibly 2) and 1 Hallberg Rassy (one of the Corps yachts) into the AOR from 11-15 May 2015. This is an Inter-Corps competition.

The week will start at the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre (JSASTC), Gosport, at 0830 on Monday 11 May and finish by 1230 on Fri 15 May. The AOR will consist of inshore, passage and offshore racing.

All REME personnel (Reg and Res) are welcome to apply with all levels of experience.

If you or any REME personnel within your units are interested please email Will Naylor (william.naylor958@mod.uk) with the following details:

  • Availability for the AOR (11-15 May incl)
  • Preferred position on a boat
  • Racing experience
  • RYA quals
  • Any other information you think would help.

26 Jan 2015

New Treasurer appointed

Captain James Hill has taken over from Major Derek Herbert as Club Treasurer. Contact details are available here.

29 Nov 2014

Volunteers needed for Principal Secretary and Treasurer

Volunteers are sought for the roles of Principal Secretary and Treasurer in the REME Sailing Club. Details of the roles are below.

The Principal Secretary

The Principal Secretary, or in his absence, a member of the Committee, shall make and preserve minutes of all proceedings of the Club at General and Committee Meetings. He shall attend to correspondence and notify all members of meetings.

For further information and/or to express an interest please send an email to the outgoing Principal Secretary.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall account for all monies accruing to and expended by the Club in UK. He is responsible for maintaining the Club Property Ledger and the Club Trophy Account. He shall close the accounts annually on 31 December, and after audit shall present them to the Committee. Further details of his responsibilities are given in Annex E to the Club rules.

For further information and/or to express an interest please send an email to the outgoing Treasurer.

16 Oct 2014

Ex CHANNEL PICKLE 3 - 9 Nov 14

Day Skipper or higher and Comp Crew required to assist 10 Trg Bn REME (SEME for the old sweats) with the subject exercise.

Sailing a Victoria 34 from JSASTC Gosport you will have an opportunity to meet some of the keen young Craftsmen of the Corps and instil a love of sailing to last a lifetime and potentially swell the ranks of the REME YC.

Time is of the essence - the situation will be reviewed at lunchtime on Fri 17 Oct 14 and switched off if there is no interest.

For more information and to register an interest please contact the OIC Cpl Purnell on Mil: 94291 5835 Civ: 01420 485835 email: DSEME-10BN-TrgWing-Cpl-06@mod.uk.

9 Oct 2014

Yacht Master Ocean required for Caribbean Wings

A Yacht Master Ocean is sought for a leg of Caribbean Wings, (St Lucia - St Lucia) 18 Jan - 1 Feb 2015.

Anyone wishing to register an interest in taking part in the exercise should contact Major Mike Barham.

5 Sep 2014

End of Season Rally

Details of the End of Season Rally have been anounced, click here for more details.

5 Sep 2014

Coastal Skippers or higher required for Kiel - 2 to 10 Oct 14

Are you, or any YM Coastal or higher you know, interested in assisting with a RLC sailing exercise based out of Kiel? Details as follows:


2 - 10 Oct 14

3 x YM Coastal or higher required to skipper during RLC STW. Sailing a Hallberg Rassey 342 out of BKYC around Baltic.

Organiser will transport you to Kiel - Trooper flight or a lift with your nearest unit attending. No costings as yet but organisers may be open to negotiation at such short notice. No information on whether they can accept civilian/retired members.

Anyone wishing to register an interest in taking part in the exercise should contact Lt Matthew Coleman on Mil: 94881 3795 Civ: 0049 (0)521 9254 3795. DII Email: 29RLC-30-Bielefeld Tp Comd.

13 Aug 2014


Ex TRANSGLOBE 15/16 is a major Tri-Service Adventurous Sail Training Exercise taking place from Jul 15 to Aug 16. The REMESC have been allocated Leg 6 from Hobart, Australia to Wellington, New Zealand over the period 3 Jan to 23 Jan 16.

The exercise is open to all serving Army and Reserve personnel. A mix of qualified and novice sailors are required for each leg.

Anyone wishing to register an interest in taking part in the exercise should contact Major Steve O'Connor REME, SO2 ES AM, HQ FTC, email: FTC-ES-AM-SO2@diif.r.mil.uk or principal.secretary@remesailingclub.com or tel (Mil): 94344 5247.

25 Jun 2014

Request for support to Exeter UOTC.

OCdt Steph Tucker is looking for two Coastal Skippers (or higher) for Ex BLUE ODIN between 18 � 26 Sep 14. Based out of BKYC, one skipper is required for a Hallberg-Rassey 342 and the other to act as mate on Flamingo, a 57' wooden sloop. The exercise consists of day racing, a night race and a number of passages competing against other OTCs from across the country. The races are held along the German and Danish coasts in the Baltic Sea. Cost is £100 to cover channel crossing, boat hire and stash. All food and equipment is included in the price.

For further information please contact OCdt Steph Tucker, email stephanietucker@me.com.

6 Jun 2014

Request for support to NATO HQ ARRC.

NATO HQ ARRC is going to conduct a sailing trip called ARRCADE SAIL as part of the HQ personal development program, due to take place this July. They are looking for a suitably qualified individual, Day Skipper or higher, to sail as Mate.

Expedition dates are 13 - 20 July 2014 and the expedition outline is as follows:

Sunday 13 July - Travel to Gosport
Monday 14 July - Admin, familiarisation, crew training, sea drills, ISLE OF WIGHT
Tuesday 15 July - ISLE OF WIGHT - ALDERNEY
Wednesday 16 July - ALDERNEY - CHERBOURG
Thursday 17 July - CHERBOURG
Friday 18 July - CHERBOURG � GOSPORT
Saturday 19 July - Post sail admin and depart

For further information please contact LCpl Dean Cresswell by telephone on 01452712612 extension 5700, email RRCPHQ-G2INTOP6@mod.uk.

6 Jun 2014

Request for support to Royal Engineers.

Warrant Officer Jason West is organising a trip from Gosport to Sables d'Olonne and back on Redcoat and is looking for a Coastal Skipper or upwards. The two legs are 4 - 13 Jul Gosport to Sables d'Olonne and 14 - 23 Sables d'Olonne to Gosport. (Dates may slide to the right by two days).

For further information please contact Warrant Officer Jason West, email Jason.West552@mod.uk.

27 May 2014

Request for support from AAC on Nic 55 taking part in Normandy commemorations.

AAC are really in need of a Comp Crew or above (preferably day skipper) for 30 May - 8 Jun for a Nic 55 trip to Normandy to take part in the 70th Anniversary Commemorations.

6 Regt AAC is taking a Nic 55 from Gosport to Normandy and back to Gosport during the period Fri 30 May to Sun 8 Jun 14. This is an excellent opportunity to take part in both the Normandy 70th Anniversary commemorations at Pegasus Bridge and also to do some big boat sailing on a Nic 55.

Details as below:

Depart JSASTC 31 May for crew training in The Solent.
Mon 2 Jun to Wed 4 Jun - Channel Crossing.
Wed 4 Jun to Fri 6 Jun - Local Sailing and engage with Normandy 70th Anniversary.
Sat 7 Jun to Sun 8 Jun - Channel Crossing.
Fri 8 Jun - Endex.

All food, mooring costs etc covered.

For further information please contact Lt Col Nigel Banks, email 6AAC-CO@mod.uk.

23 May 2014

Request for supprt to 241 Signal Squadron for sail training in The Solent and about.

241 Signal Squadron are looking for two Cruising Instructors to support their seven day sail training Exped in the Solent area from 23-27 June 14.

The plan is to complete sail training in the Solent, staying at various locations on the Isle of Wight, along the lines of the of the Competent Crew course. On the penultimate day, they look to circumnavigate the Isle of Wight and then return to JSASTC Gosport on the Friday morning.

For further information please contact Capt Alex Mitchell by telephone on (9)3508 5000 or 01225 815000, email 10SR-241-LaarbruchTp-OC@mod.uk before 30 May 14.

11 May 2014

Change of Offshore Booking Secretary

Bill Barclay has taken over from Alan Johnson as the Offshore Booking Secretary, contact details here. All future bookings and enquiries should be directed to:.

If you have recently submitted a booking to Alan but not yet received a reply please get in touch with Bill at your earliest convenience.

8 May 2014

Request for Skipper Supprt to RE Sailing Exped

524 Specialist Team Royal Engineers are looking for a Skipper (minimum Coastal Skipper) to support their 14 day AT package in Corsica between the 14 -29 June 2014. They have chartered a civilian 8 berth 35 ft yacht for the period. During the two weeks it is planned to do a round robin of walking the GR20, climbing and sailing.

For further information please contact Capt Ben Hancock by telephone on (9)4451 2350.

23 Apr 2014

REME Dependents' Dinghy Sailing Week 2014

Learn to sail, remember long forgotten skills or improve from last season with RYA youth and adult dinghy courses.

The event runs from 28 Jul - 1 Aug 2014 at the Berkshire Sail Training Centre, Theale Reservoir RG7 4AP and provides RYA approved dinghy sailing instruction to beginners and improvers for both adults and youths from 8 to 80 plus. We suggest 8-10 yr olds are accompanied by an adult. Open to dependents of serving REME personnel (including serving personnel attending with dependents) for the price of £80 per person including RYA certificates and books - The Civi Street price for an equivalent course is £250 plus.

For further information please email Maj Bob Todd or contact him by telephone on 030679 31632 (mil: 9352 31632).

The course is open to all Yacht Club members but if it is oversubscribed priority will be given to dependents of serving Regular or Reserve personnel.

10 Apr 2014

Sail Training Week

The REME Sailing Club will be running a Sail Training Week from 28 Sep - 5 Oct 14 to teach and qualify RYA Competent Crew and Day Skippers. There will also be the opportunity for personnel to gain experience and mile build. It will be run on the Solent and will use a combination of MOD and REME Sailing Club Boats. The course is open to all members of the Corps (Regular, Reserve, serving and retired) and their dependents. Bids are also welcome from units. No previous sailing experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

All safety equipment is provided.

The Sail Training Week will culminate in the REME Sailing Club End of Season Regatta which will be held Fri 3 - Sun 5 Oct 14.

For further information please contact Maj Steve Taylor or Maj Fergus Sullivan.

2 Apr 2014

Dependants Sail Training Week postponed

With regret the REME Sailing Club Dependants Sail Training Week due to take place 24 May - 1 Jun 14 has been postponed for the foreseeable future.

Brad Delaney (Offshore Bosun) has a single space on a Day Skipper/Competent Crew course over 13 - 18 April 14. Please email him direct at offshore.bosun@remesailingclub.com for further information.

9 Mar 2014

Opportunities to sail in the Army Offshore Regatta

We have opportunities for serving personnel who would like to sail for the Corps in the Army Offshore Regatta 12 - 16 May 14. No experience required. It is hoped that the team will be able to get together for a practice weekend 10 and 11 May 14. Anyone interested please contact Maj F K Sullivan.

26 Feb 2014

Opportunities on British Soldier

The ASA racing yacht, a J111, British Soldier is being deployed around UK in 2014 to participate in a number of events. There are opportunities for individuals/units to sail the yacht between events on delivery legs and for individuals to be part of the race crews. If you want to be part of the Army race squad please contact Tim Hill. There are opportunities for units to take the boat for legs between venues, in particular the following 2 legs:

6-9 May 14 Gosport to Holyhead
16-26(ish) Jun 14 Fort William to Wicklow (Ireland)

Costs will be minimal to units and it would be a very simple expedition to organise. The cost of the boat is free, CILOR could be applied for and the ASA could even assist with mooring fees. Any unit interested in taking a leg or individuals prepared to organise a crew please contact Will Naylor.

26 Feb 2014

ASA Annual Members Meeting and Offshore Symposium

REME Sailing Club Members are invited to attend the ASA Annual Members Meeting and Offshore Symposium at Fort Blockhouse, Gosport, on 11 Mar 14. The attached call-in notices give details of both events and requirements for identification and the need for advanced notification of intention to attend to the ASA Secretary. Please respond direct to the ASA Secretary.

3 Feb 2014

Skippers required for Exped

The following skippers are sought for an Exped in the Solent area:

An RYA Day Skipper is required for an exped 10 - 17 Feb 14.

A RYA Yachtmaster Coastal is required 17 - 23 Mar 14.

If interested please contact Maj Fergus Sullivan by email.

29 Jan 2014

Skippers required for Balaklava Company 5 SCOTS Sail Training Week

Balaklava Company 5 SCOTS are planning a Sail Training Week for 17-22 Mar 14 at Gosport. They have booked three Vic 34s and also the Infantry boat Fusilier. The aim of the week is to give as many of the Jocks an introduction to sailing as possible and get as many of them the Competent Crew qualification (Comp Crew) as they can.

5 SCOTS are looking for four Skippers, preferably YM Cruising Instrustor, but if not then YM Offshore or YM Coastal and even Day skippers. They are really struggling to find suitable skippers and it would be a shame for them to have to cancel the boats having come this far. Anyone who may be interested is requested to contact Lt Alan Garratt on Mil: 94283 4334 / Civ: 01227 818 834 or by email by clicking here.

12 Dec 2013

Opportunities for AT in the Canary Islands

6 Battalion REME have vacancies on an Adventure Training exercise, details as below:

Location : Canary Islands
Cost : Personal contribution open to negotiation (but no more than �270 , which includes flights to the Canaries).
Dates : 2 Feb 14 - 2 Mar 14

The organisers are looking for :
1 x Coastal Skipper for 2 - 16 Feb 14
1 x Comp Crew or above for 2 - 16 Feb 14
1 x Comp Crew or above for 16 Feb - 2 Mar 14

Anyone who may be interested is requested to contact Capt R Calder, OpsO 6 CS Bn REME, Delhi Bks, Tidworth on (mil) 94342 2126, (civ) 01980 650 126, email Robert.Calder542@mod.uk, DII(F) 6REME-BnHQ-Ops-Offr.

5 Nov 2013

Day skipper or above requied for Solent 27 Jan - 2 Feb 14

RYA Day Skipper or above to run a boat on a 2 boat exercise being run by 7 Air Assault Battalion REME in the Solent 27 Jan - 2 Feb 14. All costs covered by unit. Anyone who may be interested is requested to contact Major Fergus Sullivan on Mil: 94674 8701 / Civ: (0044) 01449 728701 or by email to offshore.secretary@remesailingclub.com.

19 Sep 2013

Day skipper required for Ex CELTIC CROWN

The AGC are short of a day skipper for Ex CELTIC CROWN - a Solent based exercise from 14-20 Oct 13. Anyone who may be interested please is requested to contact Major Heidi Spencer.

19 Sep 2013

Delivery trip Sweden to British Keil Yacht Club

BKYC will be collecting their new fleet at the beginning of Mar 14 and are looking for units or individuals to assist them. BKYC will transport personnel from Kiel to Sweden, arrange all the clearances and CILOR. All units and individuals have to do is to sail them back to Germany!

For further details please contact Baz Ennels on training@bkyc.de.

30 Aug 2013

2013 Annual General Meeting

Details of the 2013 Annual General Meeting have been announced, click here for more information.

28 Aug 2013

Offshore End of Season Rally application available

The application form for the REME Sailing Club Enf of Season Rally is now available, click here to download it.

05 Aug 2013

Exercise Gallipoli 15

The REME Sailing Club will be participating in Exercise Gallipoli 15 is an Adventurous Sail Training expedition from 6 Feb to 17 Jul 15 designed to allow Army personnel to take part in an arduous adventurous training activity, developing teamwork and leadership while also coinciding with the centenary commemoration of the Gallipoli landings. It is open to both regular and reserve army personnel. It will be conducted on a Nicholson 55 yacht from JSASTC and will make passage from Gosport to Gallipoli and return via Vigo, Vilamoura, Corsica, Malta, Halkidiki and Istanbul.

For further information on this event please contact Maj Will Naylor LF-Cap-CSS-EngPol-PDSO2@mod.uk.

05 Aug 2013

Sail Training Week 29 Sep - 6 Oct 13

The REME Sailing Club will be running a Sail Training Week from 29 Sep � 6 Oct 13 to teach and qualify RYA Competent Crew and Day Skippers. There will also be the opportunity for personnel to gain experience and mile build. It will be run on the Solent and will use a combination of MOD and REME Sailing Club Boats. The course is open to all members of the Corps (Regular, TA, serving and retired) and their dependents. Bids are also welcome from units. No previous sailing experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

All safety equipment is provided.

For further information please contact Maj Steve Taylor (95481 7321 / 01249 897321 22TrgGp-DTTCPTrg3@mod.uk ) or Maj Fergus Sullivan ( 94674 8716 / 01449 728716 7REME-HQ-OC@mod.uk).

The Sail Training Week will culminate in the REME Sailing Club End of Season Regatta which will be held Fri 4 - Sun 6 Oct 13. For further information on this event please contact Lt Col (Retd) Bill Barclay (94261 2037/ 01276 412037 RMAS-SSU-SSOUWO@mod.uk).

01 Aug 2013

Skipper required - Kiel, Germany

Cpl Teresa Mallia is looking for a Skipper to take part in "Blue Odin" on a Halburg Rassey for a weeks racing in Kiel Germany with Cambridge OTC. She had a skipper lined up but for family reasons he has had to withdraw. Any Skippers free 9th to the 17th Sept for this trip? Flights will be paid for and the Officer Cadets will try and feed you whilst they are there although Teresa can't guarantee the quality of the cooking!

24 Jul 2013

End Of Season Rally

The REME Sailing Club End of Season Rally will take place in the Solent Area over the weekend 4 to 6 Oct 13. The event will follow the traditional format starting with a gathering in Cowes on the evening of the 4th October; a series of nautical tasks in the Solent and environs on 5th October, culminating with dinner in Lymington in the evening; followed by the race for the Stanyer Trophy on the morning of Sunday 6th October. The cost of entry to the event will not exceed �30 per head, inclusive of a three course meal on Saturday evening.

Skippers wishing to register a crew, or individuals seeking a berth in a yacht, are asked to get in touch with Bill Barclay, who can be contacted as follows:

Sandhurst Support Unit
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Surrey GU15 4PQ

Tel: 01276 412037
Fax: 01276 412073
Email: RMAS-SSU-SSOUWO@mod.uk

The event flyer is can be downloaded here.

17 Jul 2013

Sailing Exped - Western Isles of Scotland

14 Sig Regt (EW) are running a sailing exped around the Western Isles of Scotland between 14-28 Sep 13 and if at all possible would like a Cruising Instructor to sail on one or both of the weeks to enable the award of Competent Crew and/ or Day Skiper as necessary. The trip will be free of charge to any CI and their presence would be greatly appreciated. The yacht is a 10 berth charter from Alba sailing and will be crew'd by me (YM Offshore) and Ken Smith (YM Coastal) and we will happily run through either syllabus under the guidance of the CI. Please contact Sgt "Perry" Mason on 94 359 5847 for more details.

17 Jul 2013

Request for Cruising Instructor - Solent

The Royal Signals Yacht Club are holding a Sail Training week 2-6 Sep 13 in the Solent. They have three yachts booked: 2 x Vic 34s and "Quicksilver", a NIAD 31. They require one Cruising Instructor for the week. Without an instructor the Exercise will not be able to go ahead in its present format, if you can help please call L/Cpl Scott.

2 Jul 2013

Cruising Instructors Required for ASA Courses September and October 13

The ASA have two Families courses running 22-27 Sep and 20-25 Oct. The September course is already full and the October course is filling. The courses are run on Private Coded yachts so there is no requirement for the Instructor to be serving. At present there are no Instructors allocated, any Cruising Instructor who is available and willing to instruct on either of the please contact Jonty as soon as possible.

Jontys' contact details are:

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Jonty Clews
Chief Instructor Army Offshore Sailing Centre
AOSC Fort Blockhouse
Haslar Road
Hampshire PO12 2AB.
Telephone (mil) 9380 65457 / (civ) 02392 765457 or by email to DII/F 145X-chiefinstr-aosc or michael.clews853@mod.uk.

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